Shadow Unicorn

Shadow Unicorn

The Shadow unicorn is one of the rarest unicorns in the world. This fine creature is so rare, hardly anyone knows facts about it but I will be telling you about it.


This shadow unicorn has a pitch black mane and a glistening blue eyes. This mythical creature has the most intricate fur near its mane. Its dashing looks makes everyone (who are lucky to see it) want to get a horse just like it.


This magical horse lives in a midnight dark, crystal cave and has a party every Sunday and a sleepover on Saturday. Generally, it takes a little trot around to see how its friends are in the houses nearby in New York City.


It eats white cotton candy, black liquorish and chicken drumsticks. It finds its food by killing chickens, and liquorish trees with cotton candy leaves. And every meal time it enjoys it food.


Sadly, I’m done for the day but go and have a look online for more facts about the shadow unicorn.

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