Space Unicorn

Space Unicorn

How many planets have you been to, well the Space Unicorn has been to over 200 and it is still going. Unfortunately, not much is known unlike the city unicorn and the army unicorn we have done in the past.

This creature lives in space going to planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy. It likes earth because we have a lot of comfortable places and some other breeds of unicorn with the population rising by the day. If Earth is not available, it lands some place where it is not a hard landing.

The space Unicorn is fully black with tiny yellow dots on representing stars. It has a body of a horse and a horn in the middle of it’s forehead. The horn is yellow and is where it fires the elements it knows how to shoot. It’s hooves are soft to make it’s landing safer. It’s tail warns them when somebody is coming.

This amazing creatures eats baby stars and small bits of asteroid. Surprisingly, it’s grown a liking to hay on Earth.

It does not like being touched so it normally it camouflage, but if that does not work it will attack you will not be able to catch it because you won’t be able to find it and if you somehow do it will attack you, which is so powerful you have a 99.9 chance of death, also it can move around in space but the reason is still a mystery .

These reports have tons of information about all the types of unicorns tune in next time to see the Orange Juice Unicorn.

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