Special Magic Emporium By Rylee SWW


The Emporium of Special Magic can be found nestled within the backstreets of London; hidden from the wandering eyes of passers-by.

Inside the shop front, the Emporium is filled with potions of every colour that glisten in the daylight; wands that come alive and jump off the shelves and cauldrons that sit bubbling for every hour.

Beyond the shop front there is an abundance of magical secrets waiting to be unlocked. Those who are able to enter the Emporium are set a challenge – find the map, find the keys and open the doors in order to leave. Will Max be able to complete the challenge or will he be locked inside for eternity?


Walking through the dingy backstreets of London, Max saw something shining in the corner of his eye. He quickly jogged along the wall just in case someone jumps out at him. Max opened the humongous doors and went in. He saw potions and a room that said welcome to my office. Max walked in a bit further into the Emporium. He saw something a bit odd under the carpet. Lifting it up, he saw a map. The door slammed behind him – he was trapped. On the map he saw something move; words started to form – “Complete this challenge if you dare”.

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