sport the unicorn

The sporty unicorn


The sporty unicorn’s habitat is a big football pitch,with a noisy football waterfall,and if its board it can walk next door into a unicorn only football club with famous very very famous football players. For some people it’s a dream come true, However it has its very own chocolate fountain with chocolate flavored edibal football cakes that she can dip in.The football unicorn has a secret passage where her friends hang out together.She has a unicorn habitat.



Amazingly, it leaves  black and white rubber footballs behind when it walks fancy.Unusually, sporty walks on hard rubber footballs .However,  sporty can not leave the football pitch or she will not feel very well.And if she doesn’t like you she will shoot footballs out of her mouth.she never really leaves her habitat because why would she it’s a wonderful home.



It has white and sparkling black gorgeous eyes,sporty wears football shoes for her sweaty feet,she has big glittering shining nostrils to breathe out pink and rainbow footballs to play.The tall and bright horn is football print.Her strong and healthy muscles are made out of metal strong footballs .sporty’s tummy is made out of strong silver footballs.


For sporty’s breakfast she has lovely scrambled eggs with a side dish of tomato salad with some clear water.For as sneaky snack she has melted marshmallows with candy pizza but on the other she has a pink and blue milkshake with her very own slurping football straw mmmmmmh   


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