storm unicorn

The storm unicorn which is a rare species of flying horse, is found near storm clouds some fortnights unicorn ologests meat near mountains to collect information about the magnificent horses. During these lockdown periods these storm unicorns have become rarer and have journeyed to the cloud cities and storm cities. To the happiness of many people the storm unicorns have been taking advantage of clouds and people, however there are more things to be found out about the storm unicorns.



The storm unicorn is vicious when thetend  but is normally quite shy. Its main hobby is collecting rocks,leaves and even and sometimes even bugs. It has special power such as striking opponents with lightning (when fighting.) furthermore it can whizz around opponents at thousands of miles per hour (to confuse them.) on the other hand it can not confuse the lava unicorn but it can still strike it with lightning.


Many people think the storm unicorn can heal people but this has yet to be proven. If you think one flying in your local area it is probably best not to tell anyone they like flying through dark clouds if you gain her trust remember they are dangerous horses so do not try to fly them as they don’t like being intruded lets keep these beautiful animals safe for future generations. 

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