The Alien unicorn


Many people believe that unicorns don’t exist but little do they know. The rarest unicorn to find is an Alien unicorn. (only 10 of them left)


What do they look like?

The Alien unicorn is believed to be a strong but small creature.They also have a amazingly good sense of smell and can sense when someone or something is coming towards them.


Where do they live?

The majority of the Alien unicorns live deep in the mountains. All of the Alien unicorn’s can’t live all together otherwise they would get really violent.

Diet/ what do they eat?

Since they are so far up in the mountains,they have to survive on foods they can find.Here are some examples:berrys (except blackberrys or they can get poisoned), beetles and leaves. They also eat animals,they usually go hunting for: Deers, badgers and rabbits.



If you ever come across a Alien unicorn and you want to take a picture make sure you turn of your flash if you don’t turn your flash off you can blind them because there eyes are really sensitive.


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