The Angry Unicorn

The Angry Unicorn

The Angry Unicorn, which is mean and fiesty, is one out of three other unicorns that still stand. Only 2% of the population of unicorns have been spotted in the last ten years. These types of species are super-duper rare. Have you seen a unicorn in the distance?  Humans have had a number of fumbles when trying to take a shot ; they kept missing.



This astonishing creature has a bizarre appearance : with a scarlet mane ; red tale (which flows in the wind) ; skin which shines in the  moonlight and ghostly eyes which will haunt you forever. Do you wish that you could see this phenomenal creature?



This amazing creature lives in the deepest darkest part of a cave. The vicious predator is only scared of two things: bananas and cats. Additionally, the Angry unicorn only comes out to hunt to get food. The cave the rage monster lives in is in the centre of the biggest but also tallest mountain in the whole entire world.


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