The anime unicorn

The anime unicorn



The anime unicorn is very valuable and rare, because this is the only one in the whole entire world! But if you live in Japan or Tokyo, this won’t be a problem. It roams the cities and if you are worried about it being hunted down. Amazingly, it can shapeshift into any anime so it can camouflage into posters etc. Sadly a long time ago there used to be many of the anime unicorns but hunters wanted the money so they managed to hunt them all except this one.



How can I notice this magical beast? Lots of people have mistaken it for a Clydesdale horse as it does look like one it is still a unicorn you can notice its creamy custard white fur as in the moonlight it turns a greyish blue, when dawn it becomes a creamy white faded into a greyish blue. Its black eyes are always that colour but sometimes when using powers they may turn white but that is a very low chance. Its midnight black hair flows in the wind as it runs and its tail is silky soft.



Will the unicorn hurt you? No but if you steal its ramen it will charge at you with its magnificent horn, as it can shapeshift it can sneak up on you. These powers don’t come by heart though it has a magical white ring surrounding its horn and a rare white amethyst on its chest. If you ever come across this unicorn you may see it strolling around the streets as it is very proud about its species and is very up tall. But as it shapeshifts the temper changes to the exact temper. And is only grumpy when ran out of food.




You can find it in the city of Tokyo and Japan roaming the streets, you can approach this beast it does very like strokes or pats on its head but do not try to hunt this beast it will cause instant death to you. The only time you will see it in different countries or cities is when it is traveling to have a holiday or having interviews.



The anime unicorn will eat almost anything that is food but it prefers ramen/noodles. Its favourite drink is marble soda it can drink soda because amazingly, sugar is actually good for the anime unicorn it can eat a whole entire bag of sugar and its teeth can still be shiny and white and it doesn’t even have to brush them!



Strengths & Weaknesses

Surprisingly, this beast does not have any weaknesses except from its sibling, the animation unicorn as they are the same they are always arguing who is the best if you are a single child you do not know the pain. Its only strength is winning a fight although it does not care about what other people think its sibling manages to get to it so it is stuck on the sofa eating ramen until it has the courage to get up.




If you approach this beast it likes being hand fed ramen and likes hugs, however do not hunt this beast or else you will die.

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