The Bacon Unicorn

The Bacon Unicorn can be known as hideous or ugly as it has bacon LITERALLY taped to its body and has a bacon horn. This unicorn (horse with magic bacon powers)  has a tail of twined cooked sausages covered in… BACON!!!

Although it usually resides in the deepest of forests, I saw one at my local grocery store… in the meat section…. in a plastic container… Anyway, the Amazon is a common place for the Bacon Unicorn to live.

And its diet consists of monkeys! Also it may be tempted by a side of… you guessed it! Bacon! Its diet can be quite strange however, as they sometimes eat HUMANS! Best stay away!

When it is happy, or hunting, it shoots flying explosive pigs that target the monkeys that they hunt. If you touch a Bacon Unicorn, be careful! If you look up, you are about to be squashed by a pile of….  BACON!!!

Once a man called [🄰🄽🄾🄽🅈🄼🄾🅄🅂] saw one in his home and his only defence was his watermelon stash. He started throwing his precious melons at the Bacon Unicorn and the beast got frightened and ran.

In conclusion, stay away from Bacon Unicorns! They can hurt you badly by squashing you with 1000 tonnes of bacon. I forgot to mention.. it’s teeth are made of Bacon! ACID BACON. Watch out!

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