The Candy Unicorn

1.Candy  unicorn’s  .appearance


Amazingly, the Candy Unicorn has candy floss hair, and has liquorice hooves. Additionally, it has gummy bear ears and its pupils are made out of Nerds.


2.Candy unicorn’s. .diet

Candy floss cupcakes and vegetables made into cupcakes. The Candy Unicron’s favourite food is rainbow jelly beans. However, it hates vegetables! 


  1. Candy unicorn’s . habitat

It lives in jelly bean town, however its  house  is  candy candy  castle. 

It goes to chocolate  school, and she has a chocolate  fountain   in  her   back  garden. In her spare time, she visits gum drop park and chocolate lake. 


4.candy unicorn’s

The Candy Unicorn ***** gum drops, and if she is mad she turns you into a gummy bear.

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