The candy unicorn

The Candy Unicorn 

Introduction: The candy unicorn is very nice, however if it eats too much food it will turn rainbow and it has a marshmallow horn and lives in marshmallow castle.


Amazingly,the Candy Unicorn has a purple and a white horn made out of marshmallows. It has refreshers which are fizzy around its mouth. And has got lollipop covered wings and a chocolate caramel tail.


It lives in a pink and white marshmallow castle on lollipop street  which is surrounded by candy floss and ginger bread houses.


Weirdly,it eats marshmallows,candy floss,sugar and drinks hot chocolate but if it eats too much it will turn rainbow and shoot candy out of its horn.


It behaves really friendly and kind, however,near people it doesn’t know it gets angry.


Warning: if the candy unicorn doesn’t know you it will turn you into a lollipop and put you in marshmallow prison.

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