The Common River Unicorn

There are countless breeds of unicorns however no species is as interesting as the Common River Unicorn. Not much is known about these elegant creatures due to their supreme camouflage. The Common River Unicorn is the most common unicorn in the world making up 20% of the worlds unicorn population. In fact, they make up a whopping 67% of the aquatic unicorns. That is a lot baring in mind that there is over 200 breeds of aquatic unicorns. Despite the popularity of Common River Unicorn, you are still very lucky to spot one.

              The coat of a Common River Unicorn is as soft as velvet, and consists of blending shades of blue to aid its camouflage. As long as a ruler, its twisted, crystal blue horn has rare abilities only 1% of unicorn breeds have. To ensure it does not fall in when it walks on water, it’s hooves are filled to the brim with enough magic to destroy the Milky Way. Often mistaken for seaweed, the mane and hair is dark green. The bright green, striking eyes of a Common River Unicorn are as beautiful as flowers.

              The Common River Unicorn resides in wide, deep and fast flowing rivers, lochs, lakes and reservoir preferably near dense forest where they can secretly make their reeds and twig nests. Warm and temperate climates suit the Common River Unicorn best as they don’t dry out in the hot weather. Common River Unicorns are more often that not found in Canada, Alaska, North U.S.A and Britain especially the Scottish Highlands.  

              Common River Unicorns are omnivores. They are not very fussy creatures nevertheless they prefer to eat salmon, weed, fruit, seeds, nuts, shrubs and shellfish. Not like normal hunting unicorns, Common River Unicorns hunt in a peculiar way, stabbing there horns into fish and shellfish before throwing them of the horn and then guzzling them. Do you know that if a Common River Unicorn eats dry food it will explode, launching H2O in every direction. 

              Unlike many unicorns, the Common River Unicorn is amphibious meaning it can go in and out of the water, breathing efficiently in both. If you see a Common River Unicorn you will be granted supernatural swimming abilities. A unique skill that only Common River Unicorns have is the ability to control all marine life in it’s territory that is usually around 1 mile long. 

             There have been 271 recorded sightings of this unicorn, the most recent on the 23 August 2019 by a rural hiker named Lee Macdon. He said that it was an amazing sight and that he wished he could see it for another 5 seconds. Unfortunately, the only photograph of a Common River Unicorn was lost in a fire-burnt to ashes. We can only rely on words.

             Due to the magic in their horn,  the Common River Unicorn has been hunted. Luckily, not many have been killed. Let’s hope these immaculate creatures aren’t hunted to extinction.

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