The crazy unicorns


L.O: TO write an information report


The crazy unicorns.


                                                         A huge tall and fluffy unicorn,that has white wings and 

                                              A rainbow horn.The evil black unicorn with red eyes and a

                                              Spkiey horn.





                                               Cheerful rainbow unicorn lives in a green rainforest in africa  

                                               The rainforest is humongous you can hear water falls and birds 

                                               Evil uniorns live in volcanos that arevery very very very HOT.




                                                 The diet of a rainbow unicorn consists of leaves plants and its 

                                                  A herbivore. A normal evil unicorn eats rats mice and 

                                                  Sometimes plants or leaves but not often.




                                           If you ever come across these creatures always come prepared. 

                                           The evil unicorn is more agresive than the rainbow unicorn the  

                                           Rainbow unicorn is carm and not aggressive.Even though the rainbow unicorn is carm not many people have seen it is really rare there is 1.3% you will find it. 

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