The creepy Emporium


There are some places where nobody goes into. The creepy Emporium was like that.

Even though at spring no blossoms came on the trees because the trees we’re haunted. 

Even though the darkness room with a broken window something came in the window and said leave now or else.

In the Emporium you can see haunting dolls sitting there moving there heads. 

In the Emporium you can smell burned wood from when it got burned down.

In the Emporium you can hear ghost speak through the ghost talking box.

In the Emporium you can see a chair rocking on its own.

Chapter 1- Opening the door

Briar woke up with a smile every day, thinking about some to do. Maybe play games, go on an adventure or go on holiday she picked an adventure she traveled down town and then she saw this shop appear. Nobody was in it she thought, she tried to get in but it had a code. Briar did not know the code she tried everything except 2711 she tried it worked she was in this shop. The shop sold everything. Briar said I’ll call it The Creepy Emporium, because it was so creepy I live right next to it I live 1 unicorn park. 

The next day another glorious day I went back down to the Emporium typed in the code 2711 she went in and meet a woman and a husky walk down the hall way into the creepy old kitchen. They came out of the kitchen into the living room up stairs she lived up stairs and the shop was down stairs the old woman sat in her rocking chair and the husky lied down on the floor.




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