The Cryptic Emporium


There are some places where no one ever dares goes in. The Cryptic Emporium was like that.

Even though at summer time, you can smell fresh ice cream that will beckon you towards it. Even though, you can see a cooler fill a ice lollies and  you want one because you’re as red as a tomato. Even though, you can see water fountains overflowing. Even though, you can hear the sound of people whispering. 

No one ever entered. There was always a lock on the door. No one ever dared trying to solve it No one until sparkle

Chapter 1- Though the Door

Sparkle had always walked past the Emporium on the way home from school. She has always wanted to go in, but her mother hadn’t allowed her. She says, “It will lead you in trouble”. One day, while she was walking on Girl Street. She thought really hard about not obeying her mother, but finally she made up her mind and, stepped in.

Everywhere she looked , it was filled with her dreams and luxurious things that she wanted to touch. She glanced at a golden cage full of robins hanging from the ceiling and the tweeting filled up the room. A light came from the next room beaming in her eyes because of how bright it was. 

One one counter, there was a bowl of strawberries shaped like rubies. She was very happy. Then she found an old leather, brown book. She was so confused because she had never seen something like that. She picked it up, turned around and then she saw a really tall man as the same size as her. It was the owner. The owner said the Sparkle, “I see you have found my book of wonders, it does very magical things”. She glanced at the owner. 

It was a great book and so many things are going to happen.

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