The crystal unicorn

The crystal unicorn 


The crystal unicorn , that is very rare to find .Did you know that there are at least 25 crystal unicorns in the universe? Crystal unicorns are the strongest unicorn.However, It is not feared by the other unicorns that much . Have you ever seen one before?


Interestingly, the crystal unicorn is not very known. The reason for this is because there are a few of them alive.Many Crystal unicorns  are made out of diamond,emerald and stone.Unicorns have family members and best friends.




Amazingly, crystal unicorns have a colourful,beautiful mane. They have a thin delicate tail and also have glowing navy blue wings that they can fly with.They can create a new one if they even wanted to.They also have sharp pointy ears.




Interestingly, they live in the coldest mountains there because there are crystals on them . Every unicorn is shy so it will be hard to spot one. They also can live in volcanoes as well . 

They can live in more habitats as well only if it’s hot, cold  and warm like a dessert as well because they do not need food or water.




Did you know that crystal unicorns eat diamonds, emeralds, and way more stuff but they enjoy diamonds the most.They can also eat oats however they can eat human food.It can eat as well as flowers and grass.




When they think they are in danger they will shoot out glowing , glittering  crystals out of their precious fragile horns.They are normally kind to people and will give presents to them if the humans come in peace .




The crystal unicorns were last seen 1257 years ago. Most are extinct because humans want the horns. The reason for this is because they have power in their horn that no one can imagine . Did you know that  there is creature in the ocean called narwhal and it looks like a unicorns horn.

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