The Curious Emporium

The Curious Emporium


There are some places that make you wonder. The Curious Emporium was like that.

Even though at summer time, the glorious golden light spills in the room wakening the dust particles. Even though at spring time the exquisite blush pink blossoms fall gracefully to the ground. Even though the smell of freshly baked apple pie generously sprinkled with spicy cinnamon lures you in. Even though the rain pattering makes you fell cosy in the never ending hallways of mysterious rooms. Even though cinnamon rolls and strawberry short cake makes you eager to enter, still no one ever dared to come in.

Until one day that all changed for good.

Chapter 1- Opening the door

Anna woke up every morning, with a smile on her face, thinking about what adventures she would have . Her mum was a skilled artist and painted for all over the world. She had a huge house with butlers that carried food to her on plates made of silver; pools as huge as parks; beds as soft as baby’s skin. She had everything a girl could ever want. However there was one thing she was missing, something special that even people who didn’t live as luxuriously as her, and that all she ever wanted was,a family.

One glorious morning, she awoke from the sound of the howling wind. It was still only nine o’clock, but she felt she had enough energy to go for a walk down Westminster 

Road. Anna got up and without bringing anything, she put on her coat and walked straight out of the glass door. She had a five pound note in her pocket, so she decided to go to the nearest shop and get something to eat or drink. She walked down the street almost getting to the end when she noticed a sign. The sign was dark blue and shone like sapphire gems.

It was still dark and was cold outside, so she decided to go in and try to warm up.

The room was very warm and as she looked out the window she was surprised to see that the street that was freezing and dull was full of golden sunlight blinding her emerald green eyes. Suddenly a foot step startled the life out of her, her heart was beating like a drum it was only a split second like as fast as a blink of an eye, but it seemed like it lasted 3 seconds she walked closer to the door it came from taking every step cautiously. She finally reached a door that marked LIBARY. Anna loved reading so she was eager to walk in.

“So you’ve found my books of memories” growled a voice.”Who, who are you”Anna whispered, her heart racing.”I am Mr Smith, the owner of this exquisite Emporium, you’ll find that this book is one of the most interesting of all”.Mr Smith held up a novel called, The three dancing children.”Thank you sir but that won’t be necessary, do you happen to have any hot chocolate?” She asked.

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