The Dark Unicorn

The  Dark Unicorn


 If you have ever wanted to know about Dark unicorn’s this is the text for you! Would you like to find one?

Fun Fact:When a unicorn has wings it’s called a Pegasi.



The dark devil unicorn lives in deep forests to keep away from being tracked down by humans .Surprisingly, the obsidian black unicorn sometimes camps in caves to keep warm. They like to sleep with other breeds of unicorns to make sure every unicorn is out of danger.



Amazingly,the dark unicorn is very healthy,and for that reason they eat juicy,ripe berries. Also many unicorns for breakfast eat leaves and different types of plants.If there is boiling hot lava nearby they will take some back to drink.




Like most dark unicorns they have a beautiful,midnight horn. Interestingly , the devil unicorn is very different from the normal white unicorns because they have a fiery main with a scarlet tail.


Are dark unicorns dangerous?

If you are close to a dark unicorn do not touch it because it could either kill you or turn you into something 

If u are close to one RUN AWAY! 


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