The Desert Flame Unicorn

The Desert Flame Unicorn


The Desert Flame unicorn, which is rarely sighted, lives in the desert where it has lots of fun. Read on to find out more about the Desert Flame.


The Desert Flame unicorn has white sleek fur, which glimmers in the sunlight,  and an orange mane and tail. It has a red and white twisted horn like a candy cane and bright red hooves.


Can you guess where the Desert Flame unicorn lives ?  Surprisingly, it lives in the Kharan desert, which is very hot and sandy,  where it digs large caves for it to sleep in.  They travel all day and make new homes every night.


Due to the unicorn living in the desert, there is not much food so the Desert Flame tends to eat small bugs, furry mice and cactuses. Though cactuses are spikey the Desert Flame doesn’t feel them at all!


Even though the Desert Flame is very cheeky it is still very kind and gentle. When they are two years old they are at their peak and can run incredibly fast. The Desert Flame often travels with friends and is a very sociable creature. 


At last we have reached the best part, the desert flames special ability! Have you ever wondered how mirages appear ? Well this all comes down to the desert flame . When they are feeling cheeky they play tricks on ongoing passers and make them think there are water holes but actually it is just dry sandy desert.


Beware , if you touch them without them bowing their head you will be sorry! However if you build a relationship with them you will be friends for life.


By Connie and Elsie 

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