The devil unicorn

The devil unicorn which is a rare type of speices of flying horses, is found near the graveyard. Everyday unicornologist  come together near the graveyard and volcano to discover more about these gorgeous animals. During recent lockdown periods, these devil unicorns have became popular and have been to hell and satan. To delight of many people the has now saw in hell taking advantage of drinking peoples blood and crunching on bone. However, there is more to be discovered about these mythicle brute.

Would you be able to recoginse a devil unicorn in hell or in a graveyard? well fact of the day there could be one in hell or the graveyard so i would be careful they are very dangerous.

Many people think that the devil unicorn can make powerful wishes but this yet to be proved. If you can think that one is living in your local area, it is probably best to not tell no one. They apperent you is you have gained their trust.Remember though,these are wild animals so do not try and pet these animals or ride them as they like to be wild let’s try keep these kind animals safe for future generations.

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