The devil unicorn.

The devil unicorn which is an extraordinary species of flying horse is found at the creepy haunted graveyard or at volcanic areas. Every fortnight unicornologist gather near volcanoes and gather some samples to find out more about these beautiful creatures. During recent lockdown periods,these winged creatures have became more dangerous up to the gates of hell and down to the earth core. To the delight of many citizens the devil unicorn has now been seen in egypt and was flying above the clouds,taking advantage of flying on the thermal courance. However there is no more to be discovered about this mysterious creature.


The devil unicorn has been feasting on human bodies since 500 ad and has frightened every human to ever see it.The devil unicorn never eats bodies in small portions they always eat them whole,especially babies. The devil unicorn has ruby-red wings, amber orange eyes and terrifying teeth. There is always blood dripping from their wings and horn. However they only drip when threatened to scare them away using dark red blood.


Many people interest that the devil unicorn can invite you into the gates of hell but this has yet to be proved.If think that one is hunting in your local area, it is probaly best to keep it a secret. They hanging out with criminals if you earned their trust. Remember though these are creepy creatures so dont try ride them as they simbolise such  intrusion! Lets keep these wonderful creatures safe for future generations.

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