The Dungeon Unicorn

The dungeon unicorn.


They have been spotted with a chain dangling around its neck struggling to loosen the harness, it has wobbly legs and the majority have a flashlight as their horn which lights up when in the crypts.


How they survive

The dungeon unicorns survive on zombies flesh as they have been trapped under the ground into the catacombs, rarely humans will try to raid their lair and steal their treasures which for them is free food.

Their warren

It is an ancient burrow dug deep into the earth, the dungeon unicorn were captured by the sky unicorns which as in their name live in the sky. There is mossy stone due to the absurd amount of time being there, only the worthiest can get in. There is a ton of traps: The status are alive, the disappearing floor and the duplicate mirror.

Their Behavior

They strut proudly at the work they have done to achieve the look on their chain’s. The best well paid job they have is chain painting.

By Rocco

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