The Electricorn


Have you ever seen a shadow frolicking on the ground, but you think it’s just your imagination? If so, you might have seen one of the mythical Electricorns. If you want to know how to identify these magnificent creatures, read on.



The Electricorn (sometimes called the Electric Unicorn) are pure white, standing out in the dead of night, their fur coat glistening in the reflection of the moon. The minority of these gorgeous animals are crimson gold, and their tails as orange as the sun.



This species can’t easily be seen. They live on top of storm clouds, as if they were fluffy blankets. They form different sculptures with their frail wings. They sometimes fly to the ground to catch prey.



The Electricorn’s diet is very linked to its habitat. It depends on what type of cloud it has inhabited. If it has chosen a rain cloud, it is not in fact a Electricorn but a Precipitaticorn, its close relative. The Electricorn, who is in a stormcloud, consumes the electric particles, and that’s all the nutrition it needs to stay alive.



The creature’s power is quite unusual. It shoots the most powerful beams of electricity out of it’s horn, electrocuting any opponent. For this reason, most other unicorns decide to stay away from this dangerous species.



Although it is mostly friendly to humans, the Electricorn will lose it’s temper easily so try not to do anything careless around it that would cause it to lose its temper. You have been warned!

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