The emporium of secrets


Even though it was Christmas and every shop on earth would be drenched in lights that would make you squint that was not the case for the emporium of secrets. Even though it was placed in the middle of summer road you could not walk along it without feeling the chills, the gold ember bricks would seem like they were closing in on you and no one not even the bravest would go down it. well, everyone but Katie English. 



 Katie had always been fearless; she would stand up to anyone and she could jump of a plane without goosebumps, she could even wrestle a rhino! (Maybe not but you get what I mean, she was fearless) but she was also such a funny and curious girl. 

One Monday morning Katie was going out for a walk to the post box to post her Christmas presents for her family. When she noticed a long narrow dark scary alleyway. She knew that if she walked down that alleyway, she would have to take a trip to trouble and a ride on a rocky roller-coaster, but she had to. It was too mysterious to resist. 

Katie crept down the alley as slowly and quietly as she could expecting something to jump out at her when she found a sign, she tried to make out what it said under all of the spray paint “summer road” it read Katie looked around at the dark rocky terrifying alleyway and murmured “Summer Road? I don’t get it.” Katie wandered in further, and it felt like the walls were getting smaller and smaller and that there were hundreds of horrible bugs crawling all over her, Katie started to panic what was happening! She sat down against the wall to calm herself down when suddenly the wall started to open behind her! Katie stood up. Startled she turned back and saw a heavy wooden door. But little did she know what would be waiting behind her. 

Katie turned and found herself in a beautiful summery warm place. So warm that she had to take her jacket off, in the middle of winter! It had a magnificent waterfall casting a refreshing breeze into the air, hundreds of beautiful blossom trees towering over the lush emerald, green grass, there were beautiful apple trees, Butterfly’s, Deer’s, Peacocks and every other beautiful animal you could imagine. Katie looked around and lay down on the green grass as a little bunny ran over to her and lay down beside her Katie felt like she was in heaven. Katie looked around thinking where did this come from? She had posted hundreds of presents for years and there had never been an alley beside the post-box. How had this place appeared? Where would it lead her to? She had so many questions that she couldn’t answer. Katie got up and looked around she noticed a door that looked like the one she had come through she got up and pushed the door… 

Katie looked up a found herself staring into the cloudy eyes of tall old man clutching a heavy blue book. He said, “what are you doing here”. Katie looked in confusion, but little did she know what she would face next. 



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