The Emporium of Wonders By Oliver SWW

The Emporium of Wonders.

If you dare to make one mistake in the Emporium of wonders, you will be teleported to a different time or day and will be left there for your whole entire life.

If you want to learn the ways of the Emporium you will have to: keep the Emporium tidy, not do anything stupid and not write in the book of wonders or you will be sent back to the time and date where you last left off.

You will be taken through a trial of rooms and learn how to live in the Emporium.

Chapter 1
Through the door

Daniel was ready to go into the woods, his mother had packed his bag full of snacks and drinks.
As Daniel climbed through the woods he saw a building like a mansion in the distance covered in vines and branches and yet old and rusty then he started questioning him self like:
“What is that place”
“Should I go over there”
“What if there is Diamonds in there.”
So on he went on and ran over to the mysterious building,
then opened to door the The Emporium of Wonders.

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