The evil unicorn By Serena J

The Evil Unicorn

The evil unicorn, has some black bits and some red bits, 

The evil unicorn has a purple horn and a dark 

Rough, amazing hair . The evil unicorn can fly up

To 10,000 feet in the air if you think that’s good 

The evil unicorn also has gills so it can breathe 

Underwater so can get some pray from the sea 


Interestingly the evil unicorn lives in a dark 

And scary forest aslo where many animal try to hunt 

However Many don’t come back out because

The evil unicorn hunts them all down and eats them 


Bob the evil unicorn hunts all animals except invertebrates,

It hates elephant, lions and sharks curious to eat them


Curious some people think Bob is a lovely unicorn, but

No you are wrong Every Animal you could think off knows 

Bob however nun like me  because I will hunt them down.


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