The Explicable Emporium

There are some places where no one can find. The Explicable Emporium was like that.

Alices discovery

Even though at summer, the reflection of the big, yellow sun was shining on the window sparkling brightly. Even though, umbrellas were dancing around in the window never getting tired. Even though, the smell of  chocolate chip cookie dough was whiffing around the shop. Even though, you could hear sand granules pouring down in the sand timers. Even though, you could see the walls covered with spades and sand buckets. Ice lollies were on the shelf in a bucket. Alice never knew what was in there what would happen.

But no one ever entered. The doorway and too dark. It was as if the Emporium wanted you to enter at any cost and no one ever did. Until this sunny afternoon Alice did. 


Chapter 1

Through the door. Alice walked down green road and saw that the Emporium door was open she was really curious so she stepped inside.

There was a display of picture frames so neat and tidy they almost looked like they were moving, maybe they were actually alive. Alice looked around she was wondering if this was actually real. She was amazed. Everywhere she looked was nothing she had ever seen before a whole bookshelf was behind  her she looked through it. In the corner a little fish were swimming around in a fish tank Alice looked closely she thought something was magical about it. Then she went back to the bookshelf she found a very large book laying on an old cabinet. Alice blinked and blinked again when she saw the pages moving by them self it was magical. “Hey I see you have found my special book.” Whispered a voice. Alice looked behind her a man dressed in a red velvet suit a black top hat ,polished black shoes and a rainbow tie was staring at her.

“Who are you? Said Alice.

“My name is Trevor but people call me Trev!” How do you do?” He questioned. 

“Hi my name is Alice and I am very well this place is so magical! Exclaimed Alice.

“Yes most people say that,you have found  my book of wonders it holds magical and mysterious things.” Said Trevor.

“What kind of magical and mysterious things? Said Alice curiously.

“You will find out very soon. Soon enough.” Chuckled Trevor

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