the fast food unicorn

The fast food unicorn!


Amazingly, the fast food unicorn drops down junk food in a  nice raining burger path. Its fluffy main is as soft as a pool of marshmallows and it has multi-coloud scales.


All it eats is big macs, chicken nuggets and yellow french fries! Surprisingly, it lives on a pizza cloud, which is fun to eat. He likes salad but when he eats it he spits it out.


Strangely, when you make it mad it will turn you into a pizza statue. However, you need to gain its trust by     feeding him carrots so it will give you unlimited burgers.


Mischievously, a few years ago he made his own pizza cloud which is in a pizza world that is amazing to eat.


But after he eats all of his food, he gets fatter and fatter so some time soon he will get that heavy that he won’t be able to fly or lift himself up!

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