the fire unicorn.

ー>The fire unicorn

 You may not believe me if I said to you “fire unicorns are really kind and they live in active volcanoes.” infact, you may not even believe in unicorns at all. But it’s true! Fire unicorns live in the volcanoes of Hawaii! Amazingly, a fire unicorn was found in the north pole, It said it was looking for Father Christmas but sadly only found a small elf on the shelf covered in snow.


Interestingly, His fur is light red with a dark red fire symbol. Its main color is dark red. However, its tail is strangely lighter than its main. It has gorgeous brown hooves that look like the sticks on campfires and a blinding light on top of its swirly horn. Its horn changes colour when it is happy, sad, angry, cold, hungry or thirsty.


The fire unicorn, who is a VERY  picky eater, enjoys hot and spicy foods. He has a yummy big bucket of cheerios with pepper sprinkled on top with some milk that just went in the microwave for 15 minutes  for breakfast. Amazingly, for lunch he has 10 chillies in a red bowl with a dragon eating chillies inside the bowl where you put the chillies. For tea he has 13 or 14 packets of hot spicy crisps with some roasted marshmallows for pudding.


You might think that fire unicorns live in volcanoes, well kind of, they actually live in active volcanoes in Hawaii, Spain and even the caribbean! They also like to live in caves and tunnels in mountains, some even share a whole/tunnel with a mountain unicorn you can find in the aisian mountains. 

His behavior is easy to understand because of his coluour changing horn you can know how he feels. He usually lights a fire in his home to let everyone know a fire unicorn lives in that tunnel, you do not want to know what happens when they get angry.when he is running he leaves a trail of red glitter, crumbs of spicy crisps and sparks of hot fire. When he is angry he breathes out fire and if you are too close you could get burned and maybe even get marks on your face from the fire.

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