The fire unicorn that  lives on the sun and burrows to sleep as well. It can fly to volcanos in 0.1 seconds.Fire unicorns which are the master of element and can jump from England to Iceland.




The fire unicorn lives on the hot orange sun and it can live on the hottest climate. The unicorn can reach a temperature of two thousand degrees celsius.Also it will burow on the sun and curl up to sleep.




It can shoot a flaming ring from it’s horn.Do you want to be shot by the flaming ring of the fire unicorn?  The hot sweaty fire unicorn looks like wet molten lava  and can breathe the darkest blue flame.




If it gets close it means you need to back off.The fiery flame of the unicorn is the most dangerous weapon for the fire unicorn.If the unicorn snorts at you in a deep tone it will attack you. If it bumps into you it means it likes you a lot and wants you to  ride it.


Do you want to see more deaths for fire unicorn? 

We need you to get people to stop  killing the fire unicorns and then taking their rare and valuable horn. 





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