The fire unicorn

The fire unicorn

The fire unicorn, which is a rare type of lava pegasus, is found near hot beaches. Every weekend, unicornologists gather round volcanos and hot places to find out more about these species. During recent lockdown periods, these fiery Pegasus have become rare due to hunters. To the delight of many citizens, the fire unicorn has been seen resting on a hot day while drinking hot lava. However, you cannot ride the Pegasus because of 3rd degree burns.

Would you be able to recognise a fire unicorn if you saw one? The fire unicorn, which is a endangered species, is a rare type of Pegasus. Many people believe that the fire unicorn has huge fiery wings and a bushy tail with a majestic, glowing horn. They use their horns to see in the dark. When these Pegasi sense danger they fly to safety. Surprisingly, fire unicorns have a fire badge to represent what breed they are because they are often slaughtered by hunters mistaking the for there non-winged relatives the flame unicorn. Their hooves leave a lava print because if they get lost they would follow their trail back but predators find them easier. Generally, they are an amazing red-orange colour which means they are hard to spot when in lava when in lava but do stand out when flying. However, do not feed the fire unicorn if not trusted.

The fire unicorn, which lives near volcanos, needs to be near a hot surface. They go outside only when it’s hot, when it’s raining it makes shelter and a campfire. Interestingly, the fire unicorn likes to go near beaches or have a swim in lava. They make their nest out of palm trees leafs, a huge, flat rock to sleep on and a warm, cosy fire. The fire unicorn the fire unicorn is immune to lava, fire or burns. They are able to drink sea water only if they drink to Much lava and they become dehydrated and their horns glow will fade. These brave and fearless Pegasi, feed off leaves and grass which they find near hills as well as small fish and hay. Generally, the fire unicorn enjoys flying above beaches or parks trying to find a safer place from predators.

Many people believe that the fire unicorn gives people one wish but that is a mystery. If one is nearby, please be cautious it might give you serious burns if you get close. These Pegasi enjoy being fed human food only if it has your trust. Please do not ride these majestic creatures only if trained. Let’s keep these enchanting creatures safe for future generations.

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