The Forest Unicorn

The Forest Unicorn


Have you ever seen of a forest unicorn? If you have, then you’re very lucky! It is heard that this type of unicorn is extremely hard to find and it’s very rare. Read you want to learn more about this amazing creature!


You’re most likely to find this creature deep in the back of dry forests up hiding in leaves of trees or in some bushes. It lives in hot places such as Texas, Turkey, Spain, Bolivia and Brazil. There’s many more places you can find them but the ones listed are where you can mostly find them.


The Forest Unicorn isn’t that easy to identify though, people who have luckily seen it will say that it has pale-green skin and wings, a greenish-blue coloured mane and tail, small dark eyes, a sage green horn and it can blend in with leaves.


The Forest Unicorn don’t like hunting as they like to keep hidden. Instead, they live on berries and leaves on the trees.


They aren’t violent creatures and only run away if they feel threatened. If you gain their trust they won’t run away. Instead, they will grant you wishes!

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