The Forest Unicorn

The Forest Unicorn

By Martha N 

The Forest Unicorn is a beautiful majestic creature. However there is a slight flaw to being so beautiful this is a key reason why Forest Unicorn is hunted .As well as being able to restore life into animals and plants as well as being able to provide special amounts of oxygen. This is the reason why the Forest Unicorn is on the brink of extinction.

Can I see a Forest Unicorn? Did you say well hear are a few things on what Forest Unicorn looks like . Well it has a beautiful flower crown around it’s leaf like ears and it has roses braided into its silver mane. With diamonds as its teeth and a tail like a water fall with white silk fur and  foliage on its wings and finally glimmering translucent hoves that give it the power make flowers flourish were ever it walks.

The habitat of the Forest Unicorn is  in thick forest to help them hide from hunters, They can also be found near water falls and in tree tops the last person that spotted this creature was in 1960 and they were never seen again.If you want to find this creature you should know what they eat. They eat wild rhubarb, wild blueberries and nuts with ferns.

Please be warned even though this creature sounds all good thoughts who are tempted to touch it shall be turned into 

A stone statue.

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