The forest unicorn by Aidan

The forest unicorn

Because of the winter coming, the unicorns need to get food so we’ve tracked some back to their home and were going to tell you all about the forest unicorn.


The forest unicorn is a lovely creature. It has dark green emerald fur, dark black eyes and blue stubborn feet with white wings, however a minority have golden wings. It is very similar to its cousin, the flame dragon, which is massive.


The Forest unicorn is really big.  It’s very dominate so takes what it pleases. It doesn’t really fear anything because it’s so big but many unicorns have challenged it, such as the snow unicorn which is speedy, circling the forest unicorn. However, the forest unicorn can fly and the snow unicorn can’t which allows it to escape. It is usually targeted by its enemy the water unicorn.


The forest unicorn is very special because of its mum and dad; the speed unicorn and the teleport unicorn. It goes where it wants. Its favourite place to sleep is deep down in the Amazon Rainforest because it can sleep on top of the trees with the moon beaming on their fluffy emerald fur – avoiding its predators due to its position high above the ground.



There are many food options for it to choose from such as fish, flowers, tropical fruit and the lovely lotus flowers the lotus flowers is its main source of food because it allows it to grow and makes the unicorn stronger to defend itself from enemies. It is very nice life for the forest unicorn because of its massive dominate character it eats what it wants really.

I hope you have learned a lot about the forest unicorn but before you go here’s a quick fact. Did you know, weirdly this type of unicorn heals itself with cow manure?


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