The Gaming Unicorn

The Gaming Unicorn

By Frankie and Sandy



This mysterious unicorn can be found in a particular game, you will recognise it from its dark colours. It enjoys eating unhealthy snacks, but you might not want to meet it!



Amazingly, the Gaming Unicorn has shimmery black skin, a white mane and tail, red eyes, a black horn, with red and black wings.



Not surprisingly, the Gaming Unicorn lives in a game called Minecraft and his house is on top of a tall mountain, as high as a skyscraper. It has a golden roof, the walls are made of diamond blocks and the windows are pearly white.



Interestingly, the gaming unicorn eats delicious pizza, doritos and ice cream and he drinks coke with a slice of lemon. Its favourite snack is chocolate.



Mysteriously, the Gaming Unicorn behaviour is mostly unknown, however, it is thought to be a bit rude! 




There are only three Gaming Unicorns left, they are really hard to find but you want to try and meet them!

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