the golden unicorn

  The Golden unicorn


Have you ever seen a golden unicorn? No i bet you haven’t but if you ever want to see one you will know how to find one. Watch out though the golden unicorn is a bit shy so take slow steps to see magic. It is easy to spot because of the shininess on its fur and body.


Amazingly, the golden unicorn has a glittery golden unicorn horn,shiny glowing golden hooves and it’s got glittering gold stars on it’s back and matches it’s gold fur. Additionally it has a shiny silver mane and tail and silver shining eyes.


Interestingly the unicorn eats golden chocolate with silver foil wrapped around the awesome fantasy. They are especially fond of golden apples from a glimmering golden tree. For it’s meals it loves to have golden soup with little silver swirls in it which gives the unicorn it’s magic. As a treat it adores gold and silver sweets. It drinks pink lemonade with added sprinkles of golden magic 


Additionally,the golden unicorn owns golden town where there are a variety of golden mansions. The unicorn lives in the only one golden castle and it has silver furniture. To enter the golden town you have to go through the golden  portal,which opens at 3am,you have to be at least the unicorn’s friend or have one piece of golden on your body. There’s a gold scanner and they have to put their hooves on it and the golden unicorn has to press yes or no on its uni pad.


As a hobby it steals shiny items like a magpie. I know it’s very cheeky. And not very fun for you but the golden unicorn cant help it. The golden unicorn has a stash of stuff it’s stolen in a gold and silver cupboard. So don’t get upset now that you know that it is kept safe.


The unicorn has the special ability to turn objects and people into gold. So try not to make it angry as you may find yourself the color gold. It turns things into gold with its magical gold unicorn horn and when something is not gold it will make it gold. 


If you feed it a golden apple with some golden soop with silver little swirls, it will think your its owner and let you in the secret portal and let you interact with it. So now you know what it looks like, what it eats, where it lives and what it does to relax but beware they might seem nice but if you make one mad then i hope you can run fast.

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