The Hacking Disguiser Unicorn

The hacking Disguiser Unicorn


Amazingly, the hacking disguised unicorn lives in a disguised hacking treehouse. The treehouse can sometimes come alive. Surprisingly, it looks like a chameleon. 


It actually eats plants,grass,soil,gummy bears and sweets of any kind. The Hacker Unicorn hates normal food that humans would eat. 


Sometimes it goes to the disguising mountain, and mischievously rolls into a ball. The Hacking Disguiser Unicorn goes to the tree palace and then he goes to the hacking palace. Additionally, he also visits the  hacking disguised tree house. 


The Hacking Disguiser  Unicorn is mischievous, and likes playing hide and seek. Furthermore, he is awesome and chills out by swimming for fun and playing tricks on people.


It looks like a chameleon, as it has colour changing scales,eyes and every other part of its body. It can roll into a ball! 


If you are nice to the Hacking Disguiser Unicorn, he will turn you into a hacking disguiser, however, if you are bad to the unicorn, he will hack your account and delete all of your stuff. 

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