The halloween emporium


There are some places where no on ever visits. The Halloween emporium Even though at Halloween, the scary decorations that open up out the ground and make your heart skip a beat Even though, The scent of pumpkin pie led people in, but nobody entered. Even though, the sights were scary as a shadow in the mist. Even though, you can hear the sound of screeches in the basement. 

Chapter one the entering

I had always been adventurous and my mum and dad said that could get me hurt or into trouble There was an Emporium on Spooky Street. The door was so designed, it pulled me in to its amazing illusions of the front. Inside the door, there was a man trapped in a box and every time he got hurt he produced gold, there was a tall man: a short charcoal beard. As I slowly walk around I get attracted to this warped fungus book

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