The halloween Pegasus

which as been a known species for several centuries, is actually quite difficult to locate. This shy creature has sensitive hearing and will hide when humans are near. However, Alicornoligists  are finally discovering more about his fascinating beast.

The Halloween Pegasus has a fairly unhealthy diet. Unsurprisingly it likes to eat eat junk food like, McDonald’s  and also chicken burgers, sometimes it likes to devour fruit and it loves to eat Sunday roasts pork sandwiches and ham sandwiches. Additionally it enjoys leaves from a freshly grown palm tree. Unusually, its favourite food is meal worms.

Many people believe that the Halloween Pegasus can grant magiacal wishes but this has time to be discovered. If your opinion is that one has a habitat in your local area, it is probably best to keep this a secret. They enjoy a good big feast of McDonalds . if you have gained their trust  you can even give them some sweets. Remember though, this species of Pegasus are extremely rare and delacote, and they are wild. So don’t try to ride them as they resent such an intrusion! Let’s keep these rare species safe for future generations.

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