The ice- breathing unicorn  

The ice- breathing unicorn


What it looks like

The ice – breathing unicorn is a unicorn that breathes out crystal – clear ice. It has has clean, white soft fur on its body. It also has a pink horn with a rainbow coloured tail.

What they do in their spare time

The ice- breathing unicorn is usually relaxing on a white, fluffy, wet cloud whist drinking their favourite drink… apple juice. They normally read magazines but on rare occasions, (such as a unicorn meet up) they get their hair done by professional unicorn hairstylists.

What their job is

Their job is to keep the Earth cool by breathing out ice.  You may be thinking If Unicorns breathe a lot, how is the Earth not frozen? Unicorns do not actually need oxygen to breathe because they are magical and were built like that.

Where do they live?

Ice- breathing unicorns live in the North Pole in a cave that has everything and more they need to survive. They get hot chocolate every morning and also get a pedicure on their backs.

What do people believe?

People believe that these majestic mammals are a gift from God. We need to keep these creatures alive  to help us stop the Earth from melting.




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