The Japanese Cross-Bred Pegasi. 日本の交雑種ペガシ

The Japanese Cross-Bred Pegasi.  日本の交雑種ペガシ


The rarest of all unicorns and Pegasi, this creature is arguably the finest of each breed. Living in packs in the Japanese highlands, these stallions are truly incredible. Due to them being poached, only 30% of their originally grand population remain (as their lifespan is only 8-9 years their numbers are dropping rapidly). 


This feisty creature’s bizarre look is intriguing never-the-less. Though the trademark horn of the unicorn is gone, many other features really stand out, such as: the tortie-shell pattern that runs down their spinal cord, muzzle and the left side of their face, in hazelnut-brown swirls; they have eyes that look like pools of black water, so deep that if you fall in, you might never get out and (as they are unicorns crossed with pegasi,) they have bat-like wings that stretch along a bony forefinger, that juts out of their shoulder. Theoretically, you should be able to stroke their fur. But, the majority,  fly away when you get close. 


As the name would suggest, these stallions live in Japan. Though the unicorn-cross  has only been seen three times, each time it has been in a pack each time. So it is believed that it should live in the highlands of Japan, on top of large hills, big enough for all of their pack. Interestingly, the only person to ever see one (yes all three times) is David Attenborough. Though the first person to write a description of it, was Pie Corbett. Yet still, there is no confirmation on where it lives. 

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