The magical beauty

The magical beauty


A unicorn is a magical horse with a horn and wings.


Every unicorn has its own unique pattern its body. They have wings, a magical horn and most of them have feathers on their wings. Their tail and mane has emeralds and diamonds embedded in them and they can grow to an enormous length. Also they have a beautiful horn that showers glitter every second. This creature is covered in dazzling unicorn dust that gives them a long, happy life.


Unicorns usually live in Europe because they don’t like the hot sun as it could burn their skin. However, a minority of unicorns live in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, America and many more. Most types live near goldmines because they believe that treasure gives them good fortune. Quite a few unicorns like rocks and mountains because they hibernate in the snow. These wonderful creatures are usually shy so the often appear at night. They sleep in caves and migrate to the mountains to have their young.


These amazing creatures eat a huge variety of foods. They are however herbivores and eat berries, nuts and leaves. Despite this, tame unicorns eat candy, sweets, and chocolate. They hate the smell of blood and will run away from even the slightest scent of meat. These unicorns, who have a stomach rather like a horse, especially like apples, pears and carrots but if they eat too much their horn will stop glowing. Mountain unicorns like rocks and will drink snow. All unicorns drink water from fresh lakes and streams.


Warning, do not feed them your birthday cake because they will nag you for more!


If you meet a unicorn it will gladly have a chat with you, but if you hunt one down the unicorns from the rest of its pack will chase you for the rest of your life.


A unicorn’s spirit will stay alive for ever so it will live as a ghost and will bring good fortune to all the sleeping children of the world.

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