The magical Emporium by poppy

The Magical Emporium prologue

There is some places where you never want to go in. The magical emporium was totally like that.

Even though you could see the bounciest trampolines ever in the hall way with tow nets on for you’re safety. Even though you could see the sweet jars over flowing with the pink lid falling off. Even though you could see the dancing toys playing in the window. Even though you could smell the fresh doughnuts from the oven.

But no one ever wanted to go in there. The building looked like it was going to fall down and the door was to heavy for any one to lift. No one entered until Kate.

Chapter 1 the magical Emporium.

Kate had always wondered what was inside the Mysterious Emporium. One day Kate saw something the door had been removed. Without thinking, Kate ran through the door it was amazing .

When she looked inside she saw rainbow paints on the shelf and joke books and a play house. On the other side of the room she saw birds in the cage singing some songs and toys coming to life on the shelf trying to get down. Kate saw all the things she ever wanted to have. At the back off the room she saw a cake that have five layers and it was pink blue and purple. When she picked up a book she saw the most funniest jokes ever she laughed so hard. Next to the cake she saw a jar with sweets in it. Then she saw a brown book.

Then Kate saw a man. He had a parrot on his left shoulder. It was white with orange on its face. Then the man looked at her and said ” get of my book.”

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