The Magma Unicorn

The Magma Unicorn


Many have tried to capture it, but have failed. Have you ever seen one? Would you like to see one for yourself? Well read on because this report will give you all the information required.

About Magma Unicorns

These fascinating creatures known as unicorns are very surprising because they can change their colour to match their surroundings. They can alter their magma orange skin to red with just a thought. Unsurprisingly, they live in volcanoes and lava lakes, but sometimes they make burrows underneath them. They do this to keep their heat in the body. If they don’t have enough heat, they lose all of their orange magma colour and it turns grey then black. If this occurs, they run the risk of dying.

Magma Unicorns Habitat

Magma Unicorns can live in some of the coldest conditions, however not for a long period of time unlike The Ice unicorn. The Magma unicorn lives in most volcanoes as long as they are not extinct. Many believe that its main home is MT. Reventador which is located in Ecuador. However, they have been found to live in lava lakes too.

Magma Unicorns diet

Magma unicorns have a VERY strict diet. They only eat molten rock and drink lava. This is quiet hard because sometimes they can’t find a source of it and most of the time they die in the winter because holes in the ground, which they use to find lava, get covered in snow.

Magma Unicorns behaviour

Magma unicorns’ behaviour is very strange because it can range from being very hostile to a very friendly unicorn. The Magma unicorn has enemies the main one being The Ice unicorn due to it being made of mostly ice and The Magma unicorn is mostly made of lava. The battle between these 2 breeds has been going on for generations, but one specific fight was very interesting at the end of it. The Magma unicorn was about to end The Ice unicorn’s life, but didn’t instead he helped her up and left. This has puzzled unicornoligists for years and nobody has found a real reason why apart from Dr. Droosencake who stated this “I have researched this fight for years and I have come to the conclusion that it was an act of spite.” But this wasn’t the best reason but it’s all we have. Yet.


Remember these are very hostile creatures so do not go after them and if you see one don’t approach it because they are one of the most dangerous unicorns is in the world. I advise you to not go looking for one as many humans have been killed by the magma unicorns, but if you are a professional unicorn tamer and you have the right gear, you might just be able to gain the trust of these fascinating creatures and even have one as a pet, but do remember these are extremely good fighters and will put up a fight. I hope you enjoyed this report and I also hope it helped you to increase your unicorn knowledge. Goodbye!


©George Harwood 2021

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