The Midnight Unicorn

The Midnight Unicorn 


Surprisingly the Midnight Unicorn is not an endangered species (it still has a population of 87.1%). So,that means you won’t need to start worrying about them because scientists predict that they will be endangered in 400,126 BC. Many more facts lie ahead in the deepest, darkest depths of this book. Do you want to find out?,if you do then read on. 



The Midnight Unicorn has a unique yet bizarre appearance. This dark creature has a glistening horn-a dark shade of ebony. Their appearance is noted in this fact file:it’s frozen hooves are as hard as rock and never melt, not even on lava,they also have slimy scales draped all over they’re glistening fur. It also has dazzling blue and green eyes, and a golden glistening mane.

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