A unicorn is a flying, horned horse that is frightened of little children and has magical powers.


Unicorns looks like a bird that has a big muscular body and hooves that can shake the earth. These magnificent animals get mistaken for their close relatives the horse. Their mane is as soft as silk and their fur is as soft as snow.


Unicorns tend to live near emerald crystal mines so they can collect them to put Jews in to a special stone so it can sleep on it like a thrown. Anyone that touches the stone will have eternal life and will be guided to the owner. If unicorns are threatened they blend in with their surroundings but they can’t blend in with alive animals or plants. Therefore, they tend to live in mountains because stones have no life.

They usually eat snow to keep them cold because they are cold blooded animals but uniologists believe that unicorn wings are warm blooded. Some species eat grass and a few eat meat but they tend to save the bother and eat scraps of leftovers from lions.


Unicorns lay eggs though they are mammals. But when they hatch the parents eat all the weak unicorns and leave the healthy one alive to live.





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