The Moonshadow Pegasus

The Moonshadow Pegasus are a rare and beautiful species that live in very strange places and eat very strange things. If you ever come across this wondrous creature approach gently because this mythical thing is not used to humans. Also the Moonshadow Pegasus has been called the shark of the sky because-like a shark- it’s colours make it almost impossible to see from below, which causes pegasologists a lot of annoyance.

With a jet black coat, mane and tail this beautiful being can camouflage perfectly with the night sky. Interestingly its wings are made from the stars themselves. Furthermore, stardust dots its mane and tail ensuring that no one can see them. The minority of Moonshadow Pegasi have marks that mirror the North Star. It has hooves made from moon rock that turned silver when the first Moonshadow Pegasus landed on the earth. Amazingly, a horn that grants wishes sits on top of this mythical creatures head.

Most of this species live on Mount Everest but any big mountain is fine. Caves on the mountain make perfect homes and soon become filled with beautiful rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires… you name it it’s there. The gemstones are there to attract mates (if your Pegasus is a male) and to give baby Pegasi their wonderful colours and patterns.

Babies eat gorse flowers for the first three years of their life but grown-ups eat more exotic things…

Rockberries found on the moon, Stargrass that only grows on the sun and Moonbugs which live in the moons craters. Obviously, we humans can’t eat these thing one because they are in places way out of our reach and two if we ate them we’d never crave human food again.

If you are ever lucky enough to find one please remember that they are gentle unless spooked and we must save these beautiful beasts for another generation.

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