The Mysteries of the Moon Unicorn

The Mysteries of the Moon Unicorn

The moon unicorn, which is a rare species of flying horse, is found near the galaxy and the milky way. Most days of the week unicornoligists come together  near the mountains and national space centre to gather more about these mythical animals. During recent lockdown periods, these unusual flying creatures have become curious and have traveled to the Earth and deeper into the surprises of the milky way. To the pleasure of many people the moon unicorn has now been spotted in the sky and taking advantage of their secret identity and sacred lifestyle. However, there is more to be revealed about these obscure animals.




Would you recognise the moon unicorn if you happened to see one ? It has wings like most flying horses but it has Moon-printed wings that are way more powerful than usual unicorns. They also have shiny eyes with strong night-vision power to help it fly through the sky without crashing into asteroids or meteoroids. Another feature is that the moon unicorn has itself a magical glow in the dark horn that helps it navigate through the solar system when it gets lost. Weirdly it has star-white fur that sometimes can look like a shooting star if they fly too close to the Earth. Last but not least the magical moon unicorn has its white ice mane that helps it heat up or cool down when it gets too cold or too hot.


Many people think that the moon unicorn can make special wishes come true but this has yet to be proved. If you think that one is alive in your local area, it is probably best to not reveal the truth. They enjoy playing and flying if you have achieved their trust. Remember though, these are untamed creatures so do not try to control them as they will put up a grudge! Let’s keep these mystical flying horses safe for future generations.

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