The Mystery Emporium


There are only a few places in the world that no one goes.The mystery Emporium.

Even though at winter, the luxurious chocolate melting on the chocolate fountain dipped in strawberry. Even though, the smell of sour patch kids in your mouth tickling your tongue with  sourness. Even though, you hear the sound of footsteps stomping upstairs like a giant. Even though, you see blossom trees  with purple and pink flowers.Even though, you can see fish swimming in the ocean the flying fish are jumping up and down.

Who went in no one knows…….

hapter 1

The mystery

Fred has all ways wanted to own an Emporium, but his mum says it is to much trouble and stress, but did he listen. 

Though the door, you could see the most amazing place in the world. Walk in, see the wonders that are coming to you like magic tricks, your dreams, luxurious beautiful food that you; would see in your dreams and the final thing is that it is the mystery Emporium. It is a surprise. 

Everywhere he looked, it was a wonder packed with things that he would be proud of.His name is Fred. As he appears into the Mystery Emporium, he looks at the sliver ceiling as it is shining with a diamond  chandelier shining to the spot light.

The mystery Emporium looks like a magical theatre ,but when you look closer and closer and closer  it’s a Mystery Emporium. Try crack the code I don’t think you can if you crack the code. You’ll see the Mystery Emporium.  It’s a surprise, waiting to come to the Mystery Emporium try crack the code to see if it is correct what is the code…… 

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