The Mystery Of The Devil Unicorn


The Devil Unicorn, which is a rare breed of unicorn, is found near graveyards. Every weekend, uninornoligists gather near local church graveyards to discover more about these magnificent creatures. During recent lockdown periods, these wonderful creatures have become bold and wandered into more and more graveyards for food. To the delight of many people, the Devil Unicorn has been sighted near hospitals taking advantage of non-buried bodies. However, there is more to be found out about these mysterious creatures.




Contrary to popular belief, the Devil Unicorn devours other unicorns and mythical creatures such as trolls, elves, dragons and those are just a couple!! They also have a striking ability that when they are extremely hungry, their entire chest section becomes 10X as buff and their veins become pure molten lava!! Furthermore, when they sleep, if they feel something hostile coming towards them, they will leak lava into the surrounding area.




Many people think that the devil unicorn can grant death wishes but this is yet to be proven. If you believe that one is housed in your local area, then it’s probably best to keep it to yourself! They enjoy fresh blood, that’s just if you haven’t gained their trust, but please remember that they are wild creatures and they don’t particularly like being mounted, especially by humans! Let’s keep these graceful creatures safe and protected for future generations!!!!

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